Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page.

Welcome to Year 6's class page. Here you will see a lot of the wonderful work and activities we get up to in class. You can also find links to the children's homework and spellings. Please come back often to see what we're up to! Thank you! Mr Kinch.


Yearly overview

Year 6 Curriculum Map

Year 6 Curriculum Map (Just Maths)

Homework and Spellings

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What's Going On!?

What an incredibly busy first few days. We've done loads of work on Place Value, playing games and making up new rules, and we've started our English unit studying 'The Jungle Book'. So far we've looked at the old fashioned language and had a go at turning it into more modern English!

And it's only Tuesday!


Life after SATs! - 16th May 2016

The class did tremendously well in their exams, and after a well earned party / rounders afternoon, we've all been hard at work writing our own stories in the style of 'The Lost Happy Endings'.

Using Talk for Writing, we've studied the book in great detail, taken in apart, and now we've put it back together but with our own twists and turns!

Come back soon to see examples of the children's work!

Computing - 1st February 2016

We've been looking at Computing Simulations. First things first, we had a chat about what a Simulation is and how they 'work' in the real world.

We discussed: CAD, Pilots, Racing Drivers, Doctors and Virtual Reality.

We also talked about how much time and money could be saved by simulating something first - not to mention people's lives!

The children then had a play with Scratch, teaching themselves how to program their own simulations.

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Year 6 Homework & Spellings 29th January 2016

Click here for this week's spellings - Test on Friday 5th February


We’ve been looking at percentages this week. Could children demonstrate their understanding of equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages, and show that they understand how to find the % of amounts. Eg. 25% of £30.


We’ve been looking at adventure / quest writing using The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as inspiration.

Write a short introduction to a story about a child finding themselves in a strange new world. What do they see? Who do they meet?


Year 6 Homework & Spellings 22nd January 2016

Click here for this week's spellings - Test on Friday 29th January


Look through your new Maths Revision books and identify any aspects of maths you feel you particularly need to focus on. Do some work on those aspects in your learning log. 


Do a setting and character profile based around your favourite book, or the book you're currently reading. Follow the pattern we looked at in class with Metaphors and Similes. 

Year 6 Homework & Spellings - 15th January 2016

Click here for this week's spellings - Test on Friday 22nd January

For our Learning Logs, please could the children work in the following objectives:-


Solve some Word Problems from the Padlet Walls they created in Maths on Thursday:-

Page 1Page 2Page 3. Once they've done 4-5 of these, they could write their own.


Write a very short playscript, imagining a brother and sister have just been told they're going to be evacuated, possibly to separate homes.