Breakfast and After School Club facilities

We offer a Breakfast Club here at Alice Ingham. For further information and for availability, please contact the school office. 

After School Club

Our aim is to establish a Club where everyone is made welcome and valued. The Club will provide a well-planned and organised play environment that offers children rich and stimulating experiences. We are fully committed to working in partnership with parents/carers to provide high quality, safe and stimulating care, learning and play opportunities for children.


The children ideally need to be booked into After School Club to give the adults whom run the clubs an idea of how many children to prepare for. The Cost of the Club is £2 which should be paid for in advance when booking the place. This is a non-refundable amount as provisions have already been prepared.



After School Club is ran Monday to Thursday from 3:15 – 4: 30. Different activities take place. Included in the charge: Children will be cared for by the After School Club supervisors. A variety of age appropriate activities will be available for the children to take part in, including quieter options to give the children the opportunity to relax if they wish to. The children will also receive a snack and drink at the start of every session.


Monday ICT club
Tuesday Homework Club  
Wednesday  Art Club
Thursday Movie Night

As the after school club will use various areas of the school and the main reception is not manned, should you need to contact the after school club during the hours of 3:15pm – 4:30pm you should use the following mobile phone number: 07812 231 322

If for any reason you are late to pick up your child you will incur an additional £1 charge per child.

  • All contagious diseases must be notified to the staff immediately.
  • Arrangements must be made in advance, if anyone, other than the specified person, will be collecting the child.

Unacceptable Behaviour

  • Staff will deal fairly but sympathetically with unacceptable behaviour.
  • Parents will be told, if it has been necessary to discipline their child.
  • All incidents will be treated individually, but serious incidents will be recorded in the Incident Book.
  • Should unacceptable behaviour persist, a verbal warning will be given to parents.
  • If a child’s persistent inappropriate behaviour puts other children at risk, or makes it difficult/impossible for the Club to function properly, as a final resort, the Senior Leadership Team will advise parents, in writing, that the child can no longer attend.