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School Contact

Head Teacher: Miss D Malcolm

Deputy Head Teacher: Mr D Marshall

Office administration: Mrs B Hayes, Mrs K Harrison

Halifax Road,

OL16 2NU

Email: office@aliceinghamrc.rochdale.sch.uk

Telephone: 01706 341560

Fax: 01706 71026

Mission Statement

St Paul’s prayer for us today:

‘Out of our infinite glory, may he give you the power, through his Spirit, for your hidden self to grow strong, so that Christ may live in your hearts through faith, and then planted in love and built on love, you will, with all the saints have strength to grasp the breadth and length, the height and depth, until, knowing the love of Christ, which is beyond all knowledge, you are filled with the utter fullness of God.'

Mission Statement

St Paul’s prayer for us today:

The Pharisees are so entrenched in their self-righteousness that they do not understand that Jesus speaks the truth about himself while alluding to the fact that they are in the dark by choice. If they were open to him they would see his light.

There are times when I find myself in darkness. It’s lonely and very scary, but then I remember that you are with me, and the light breaks through the darkness.

School Aims

In Alice Ingham...