Year 2

When we first arrive in the morning we complete a morning activity while the register is taken. This will be something based on our learning that week.

Next we go to Phonics, we go to different groups around the school to complete a 20 minute session of focused work.

Then we have English. We follow The Write Stuff and try to complete some independent writing each day.

After playtime, we have Maths. We use Focus Maths and try to use lots of practical apparatus to help us.

Following prayers, we go to lunch. We have our meal in the hall and are then allowed outside to play.

After lunch we have quiet reading time, we choose our own book to read and Miss might ask us to read our school reading book.

Topic work, RE or Science follows this, then playtime and finally Guided Reading. We have five groups, each day we complete a different task based on a book.

We finish the day with either a game or story, prayers and then home!