Year 6


GO WILD FOR SATS – Top tips for Children

News for ALL Year 6 :

Year 6 are officially the best AND oldest wisest kids in school! From May 1st until half term!

(Have a competition to invent the Y6 Genius SAT/MOOSE walk!)    YOU can tap into your very own Einstein genius power – just press here on the green circle!


We ALL have a SUPERPOWER; we were born with it. Officially it’s called resilience (your inner bounce).  

You can call yours Maurice or Shirl! Maybe Suzy or Dave?   I call my inner resilience Boris! 

Your superpower resilience is always there on the inside, forever. ESPECIALLY for you. It never goes away; we sometimes cover it up like the clouds covering the sun!  “Come on Boris (or your superpower name) we can do this SAT together.”   

 2    In the KNOW!

FOCUS on yourself

Remember when you learned to ride a bike, swim or talk? You needed help in the beginning, AND (DRUM ROLL) then YOU COULD DO IT! All on your own. OH YES!   Your super power took over, telling you what to do. It can do this ANYTIME.     

3.  If I have stuck, worried, or scared thinking

 I know that I create my thinking and I do this moment by moment.  I have feelings that tell me what I am thinking too! I ALSO know the scary thinking will settle back to being OK.    I breathe in and out twice OR look out of a window or play music.

I press my thumb and first finger together just to distract me from the same scary thinking. What do you do to settle your worry thoughts?  I say to my SUPERPOWER resilience, “Come on Boris (or your chosen name) we can do this!”                             

4 Keep it SIMPLE- tell a joke

Here, Miss or Sir! What do you call 3 empty bottles in a field?  A cow’ s nest of course How many ‘Knock, Knock’  jokes can you tell in 20 seconds? GO!

Tip #Grown-ups worry more than us kids because they forget to use their inner super power, their own wisdom. Wisdom is a gift we are all born with.

Don’t forget that you can use yours at any time just by settling into a quiet space in your head.




As part of our ‘Write Stuff’ English topic we have been looking at ‘Hansel and Gretel’ by Neil Gaiman (our class author) the children have enjoyed learning about: alliteration, adverbial phrases, semi-colon in a list, modal verbs and many more elements of English.


Crucial Crew




LEARNING valuable life skills at crucial crew. Ask your child what they learnt about keeping safe, healthy and street wise.